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The biggest mistake was toying with housing in the first place. If anyone would have realized that it was housing that creates so many jobs, drives the economy and eases the burden on Social Security, they would have wise to keep everyone's hands off the golden goose.

Realtors and everyone else need to realize that our golden goose has been killed by "best and brightest" and their is no recovery in sight.

The trust in the banking system has been shattered. The banks will have to have a bailout again or have congress amend the laws that are being broken or the economy will be years to a true recovery.

The banks have sugar coated everything so they could stay alive. They spoon fed obama and love it. He is so afraid to cross the banks it isn't even funny. So don't count on the government putting those comitting fraud in check. Obama had no clue what is going on and the banks are ruling the country. Just as they have the past several years.

Our golden goose was shot by Wall street. It was still kicking though when Paulson let the banks suffocate it.

Washington Dc is the land of cowards and narcissists. Until we have a president with some stones to stand up to the banks, clean up the fraud running rampant in the banking system, housing will be a crap shoot, not a good investment.

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