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Jon Stewart, Jim Cramer smackdown

I have to admit it was nice to see someone call Cramer to the carpet after his two years of delusional stock picking. The funniest part of the Stewart rant is that it is after Cramer and CNBC, along with other pundits and networks, have contributed greatly to the destruction of trillions of dollars of capital. I find it hard to believe people are not calling Stewart on his late arrival to the party. CNBC has promoted Cramer like he was the messiah for years. They believe that making disclosures for viewers to not take his advice gives them the right to put such a character on national television. If Stewart and a few other reporters would have been on the offensive before the majority of people lost 50% or more of their 401 K accounts, it might have actually helped the situation. Now the vitriol anger just makes for great you tube clips.